Our Save the Date!

You guys! I’ve kept you waiting for quite a while, but today is the day! You may have already seen some sneak peeks on instagram, but today I’m sharing the complete design of the Save the Date for our wedding with you. And I’m so stoked to hear what you guys think!

Designing something for yourself
My fellow designers will be with me on this: designing something for yourself is way harder than doing so for clients. A logo, birth announcement, website or (in this case) a visual concept for your wedding: nothing is ever good enough when you design it for yourself. Don’t get me wrong: when working for clients, you go to all lengths to get the best out of yourself and your designs. But there’s always a certain ‘distance’ between you and your client that makes it easier to be somewhat objective about your designs. When you’re making something for yourself: not so much.

So you can probably guess that the process of this design wasn’t easy. The pressure was on: you only get married once, want to make the most awesome stationery one has ever seen and you don’t want to disappoint anyone that will receive a Save the date in the mail. And I wanted the concept to really represent John and I as a couple. That’s a lot of expectations (from myself) to meet.



The idea
Since graduating from art school, this project is propably one of the first that has a real concept behind it. With the stationery, I really wanted to tell the story of John and I, but in my own way. The flatlay style I’ve been adopting seemed a great way to do that, so that’s the look I decided to go for.



The flatlay on the front of the Save the Date tells a lot about John and I and the people who know us cannot have missed that. Miep (our turtle) has a special place on the stationery, there’s a small bride and groom and a ‘misfortune cookie’ which refers to the date we chose: friday the 13th! But there’s also a lot of hints to our favourite decades in history: the (American) fifties and sixties for me, as well as the eighties for John. The Graceland Wedding Chapel that is pictured refers to how my love for the American culture of the fifties and sixties has evolved into something that is very much ‘ours’ now. We are now both obsessed with the USA; we made that five week roadtrip along the east coast three years go for a reason!





The eigthies are represented in this design by design elements in the Memphis Group style. This colourful, kinda crazy style with lots of geomteric elements was very popular in the eighties in all sorts of home decor, but graphic design like album covers as well. The bright colours often used in this style also have a lot in common with those used in the American Diners, neon signs, cars and jukeboxes in the fifties. It’s a match made in heaven.

The design
Way before we had wedding plans, I knew that when the time would come for me to design the stationery for my wedding that I would want to go all out. I wanted something special done in the printing process. Whether it was glitters or embossing; something special had to happen. I decided to go with this foil finish that can be printed and can therefore have any colour you want. This results in details of the design being metallic and I am absolutely in love.





Party in your mailbox
Not only the Save the Date had to be special, the packaging was also something I wanted to pay attention to detail with. I decided to go with half-transparent envelopes and homemade tissue-paper confetti. That way, not all of the design would be revealed once you saw the envelope in your mailbox, it would also feel like the party would start right there: in our guests’ mailbox.



I also designed these address stickers and stamps to match the design of the Save the Date.




Wedding website
We will be launching our wedding website soon, but we didn’t want the classic ‘page not found’ popping up in case guests would already try to visit the site. Therefore, I designed this placeholder animated-GIF until we will launch our website.



Now what?
You may have already guessed it, but I’m pretty stoked about what I came up with for our special day. Now the pressure is on once more for the invitation and about a gazillion DIY projects I have in mind. I hope the process will be easier for those items, but I’m pretty sure it will remain difficult to meet my own expectations. We’ll see how it goes. I’m trying not to put myself under too much pressure. Although it might be hard to top our Save the date…

I’m so curious to know what you guys think! Share your thoughts in the comments section.