New products

At the start of this year I set the goal to release a new product every month. And I’m pleased to tell you that thus far I managed to keep up the pace, so today I’m introducing four new products to you here. If you’ve been following me on Instagram you might have already seen (some of) them, but I wanted to share them on my blog nevertheless.

January: New Home postcard
First up: a new postcard in my flatlay collection. I already designed one with birthday wishes, for having a baby, with well wishes and one for christmas. The next one in this series just had to be one for buying or renting a new home.

This postcard is available in my Etsy shop.


February: Note card sets
I love writing. For this blog and for myself. I like writing stories, poems and letters. And especially, I like writing on beautiful stationery. That’s why I designed these note card sets. Each set contains 8 heavy weight ruled note cards and 8 metallic envelopes. I have a set with illustrated llamas on the back and one with tigers.

Purchase the llama design here.
Purchase the tiger design here.


March: Seasonal art print for springAutumn and winter are already checked off my list of seasonal art prints and now that flowers are starting to bloom and fresh leaves are appearing, it is high time I designed one for spring. This mini art print contains all my spring favourites, designed in a flatlay of real items and illustrations.

This print has hot pink foil details. Purchase it here.


April: MumMazing postcard

A while ago I had a lot of my postcard designs published by British publisher Whale and Bird. In addition to my existing designs, I also made some new ones to be able to release a bigger collection. One of these ‘extra’ designs was this one I made especially for Mother’s Day. Since response to this design was very good, I decided to have it printed for my Etsy shop as well.

This postcard is available for purchase here.

There you have it; my new products up until april of this year. I have items planned for some months in the near future, but I also like keeping some months open for spontaneous ideas. Are there any products you would like to see in my collection? Please drop them in the comments; it would be so helpful to know what you guys would like to see!