Work/life 3: The uppercase Directory of Illustration


For the book Work/Life 3: The Uppercase Directory of Illustration I made the illustration shown above. The book is a summary of 100 illustrators from around the world. Each illustrator was given a full spread in the book, containing an illustration made especially for this publication, photo’s of their workspace and an interview.

So, every illustrator that contributed to this book (100 in total) underwent an in-depth-interview about their work and their life as an illustrator. Based on the outcome of this interview, the wonderful Janine (art-director and founder of Uppercase magazine and the Work/Life series) gave them the assignment for their illustration.

Mine was to create a scene from my life using my illustrative dimensional technique. I had to imagine it as a shop window display or a still from an animation.



The illustration I made is based on the photo below, which happens to be one of my favorite memories of all time. It is taken on a summer’s day, at my dad’s trailer in the woods. He lived here for a few years and those years were the absolute favorite ones of my life (so far)! Dad was pruning the hedge and I was ‘helping’ him by sitting in the wheelbarrow and drinking soda. It’s such a bummer my dad’s not in the picture, since he was the one taking it, but thanks to my illustration, he is there in the scene with me.