Free Printable Girl Squad photo frame for International Women’s Day

Did you know that today is International Women’s Day? This special occasion has been celebrated each year on the eighth of March since 1922. On this day women take a stand for equal rights for men and women. And although it may seem like women have lots of rights already, there’s still a lot to be done when it comes to equality world wide.


To celebrate all the lovely ladies that surround us every single day, I designed this free printable Girl Squad photo frame. Download the PDF, print it on cardstock, cut out the frame along the dashed lines and put some photos of your favourite women in the middle. This can be your mother, your girlfriends, the Girlbosses that inspire you the most or even your lady-pets. As long as you celebrate the women that are part of your life. ‘Cause us girls are pretty amazing, right?

Download your free printable photo frame here. Have fun, you guys!