Memory Jar 2.0

We’ve all got them: New year’s resolutions. And although we all start out the year wanting them to succeed, they kinda never do. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. That’s why I decided to not make resolutions for this year, but to keep a Memory Jar.

For those of you who don’t know what a Memory Jar is: You keep a glass jar somewhere around the house. Whenever you experience something moving/awesome/wonderful throughout the year, you scribble it down on a note and you put the note in the jar. On the last day of the year, you empty out the jar and read all the awesome stuff you’ve done in a year.

I know myself. I’m the kinda gal who likes to clean. So if I’ve got a boring glass jar standing around the house I know it’ll probably end up in the trash within a couple of months. That’s why today I’m sharing some awesome tips for you to make your memory jar irresistible and into something that will last the entire year! Here we go:



You’ll need:
– (Big) glass jar
– Maskingtape

Everyone has some masking tape lying around nowadays. Why not use it to make your Memory Jar extra special? I made a simple stripe pattern, but why not release your inner Mondriaan and make a real piece of art out of it? The possibilities are endless!



2. Acrylic Markers Galore


You’ll need:
– (Big) glass jar
– Acrylic Markers (available at you local arts supply store) or ‘regular’ acrylic paint and a small brush
– Paper and a pencil (optional)

I’m a HUGE fun of acrylic markers! Although I’ve got a pretty steady hand, drawing neat lines with a brush is something I find to be difficult. With this method you can either freestyle a drawing onto your jar, or you can make a sketch on paper first, insert it into your jar and then trace it. If you’re not that much of a drawing-person, you can always handletter a nice quote onto the jar. Again: so many possibilities!
Please not that the acrylic paint is likely to chip off the jar at some point whtn it’s not handled with care, so put the jar in a place where it’s not touched/moved too often.



3. Free printable


You’ll need:
– (Big) glass jar
– Printer and ink
– Paper
– Scissors
– Adhesive
Free printable

No, non-creative readers, I did not forget about you. When you think you’re unable to execute the two options above then you’re A) wrong and B) lucky, because I have a free printable for ya that even the most clumsy people can use. Really. Download the PDF page you can use HERE. Then print it on cardstock, cut it out along the dashed lines and glue it onto the jar.