Graduation: Once Upon A Thing


When I was a little girl I was convinced that things (or objects) had feelings.
When someone would kick a table, I thought the table was hurting. I refused to eat food that looked cute because I thought I would hurt it. En when I was in a toy store crying my eyes out over a teddybear my mom wouldn’t get me, I was sure that bear would be weeping in the store all night because I didn’t take it home.
That was quite the trait, I must say.
To this day, I still have the idea that things have feelings, but luckily, in a little less dramatic proportions. I thought that my graduation project would be a great opportunity to start working with this idea.

The idea that objects has feelings is now sort of limited to old objects that have a story. A story they cannot tell because they were not given a mouth to do so. Often they are part of a family for many generations and so they are becoming a part of the family over time. I think these objects absolutely love that, but they cannot show it.
That’s why I, being an illustrator, took the job of telling their story happily. In this project, I told the story of an old chair that’s been through a lot in our family; Gran used to spill coffee allover it, it was the cat’s favorite place to sleep. Dad always read the paper in this chair, and I happened to let my creativity on the loose by drawing on it (sorry, chair…). I made the illustrations like they were a family tree; each of the portraits of the family members contains an anecdote that has a link to the chair. I had these illustrations embroidered onto the chair’s seat-pillow and by that, I have given the chair it’s voice to tell it’s story himself.