Graduation: Mein Utopia


This graduation project is based on a remarkable fact in world history; the fact that Adolf Hitler is said to have tried to study in art school in Vienna, but he never got in due to lack of talent. Say what?! My imagination was going berserk and the only thought in my mind was: what if…? What if Adolf had become a successful artist? What if art was an emotional vent for him, that prevented him from taking his aggression out on millions of people? What if he could have been a normal person with a normal life? What if he, due to his work as an artist, never became the dictator we all know?

In this graduation project, which is called ‘Mein Utopia’, I re-wrote Adolf Hitler’s biography with this utopian thought in mind. In my version of his story, Adolf successfully graduates from art school in Vienna and several years later he moves to the United States because his artistic career in Europe wasn’t what he had imagined. In the USA he becomes a successful painter and a beautiful person. Together with his best buddy, Blondi (his German Shepherd), he lives his artist-life to the fullest.
This ‘new’ biography consists of a chest that is filled with tangible memories of his alternative life. A chest full of photographs of him and Blondi, his art-school diploma, his boat-ticket to the United States, souvenirs Adolf collected, some of his paintings, newspaper-articles about Adolf and his career and all sorts of other things referring to his ‘other life’.

One important note on this project is that I am not a neo-nazi and I will never be one. This project is not meant to glorify the Adolf Hitler we all know; the dictator who devoured millions of people and had ideas that hopefully nobody will ever have again.
This project is meant as a utopian idea and as criticism on today’s society. Today, art is luxury. However, with this project, I’m trying to make people think about the use that art can have. The difference it might make.