FalalaLlama holiday greeting card

Falalallama postcard_1

For this postcard I was inspired by the well known Christmas carol ‘deck the halls with boughs of holly‘. Especially the ‘falalalala lala lala’ part. Because it’s only a small lingual step from ‘lala’ to ‘llama’. Add some illustrated caroling llamas and silver foil stares et voila: a holiday greeting card is born!

It measures 10,5 cm by 14,8 cm (4,1 inch by 5,8 inch). It is printed on a heavy cardboard and it has a matte finish. Due to the foil finish, the card feels nice and smooth and is best written on using fineliner instead of a ballpoint.

This postcard is now available in my Etsy shop. You can purchase just one or a discount set of five.

Falalallama postcard_3

Falalallama postcard_2

Falalallama postcard_4

Falalallama postcard_5