DIY illustrated bathroom accessories

There are a lot of things about our house that I love, but if I had to name one flaw, it would be the bathroom. Why? Because it’s tiny. No, really. It’s super tiny. It’s about two meters long and one meter deep. This tiny-ness comes with the fact that we have no room for storing our toiletries in the bathroom. That’s why John and I had to come up with something smart and we decided to purchase a little trolley that we’d store in the bedroom and ride alongside us on our way to the bathroom when getting ready for the day or for bed. Total glamp-style! But since this trolley would be out in the open in the bedroom all the time, I thought our toiletries would better look good. So I decided to add some illustrations to our perspex toiletry containers. This worked out so well that I’ll be sharing this DIY here with you today.

You’ll need:
♥ perspex bathroom containers (I purchased mine at Ikea and Xenos (a Dutch chain store))
♥ my printable
♥ printer
♥ temporary tape or masking tape
♥ black (waterproof) fineliners
♥ scissors
♥ optional: acrylic markers



This is how you do it:
DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLE HERE and print out the last two pages of the PDF.



As you can see in the photo above, the printable consists of two pages; one with a pattern on it and one with separate illustrations. You can either use the pattern for tracing onto your perspex container, or you can make a composition yourself by cutting out the illustrations on the second page. I decorated two accessories for this DIY; one with each of the options.



Stick your cut-outs to the inside of your perspex container. You can do this using temporary tape or masking tape (‘ordinary’ tape works fine too, there’s just a bigger chance of glue-residue on your perspex when removing it).



Get ready for the fun part, because now we’re going to trace the illustrations onto the outside of the perspex containers. First, try how your fineliner works on a small piece of your container, because every kind of fineliner behaves differently on every kind of perspex. In my experience, Staedtler fineliners worked best and dried fastest during the tracing process. I chose to not trace the parts that I wanted to be coloured later. If you don’t want any colour in your designs, you can choose to make certain areas of the illustration all black for a little more contrast. For example: the boots of the comb or the hair of the brush.




If you have acrylic markers and want to add colour to your design, you an now do so. Please note that acrylic markers are not waterproof and that you may have to do a little touch-up on your illustrations every now and then when storing the containers in a damp place.




Done drawing? Then you’re ready to remove the paper templates from the inside of your perspex containers. If there’s some glue residue, you can remove that with acetone or sticker remover.




Now it’s time to fill your brand new containers with your favourite toiletries and show your new accessories off to your friends. If you’d like to share what you’ve made, please do tag me on instagram(@verabertens), I’d LOVE to see it!