DIY Christmas Crackers (+ free printable)

My life is all about Christmas decorations at the moment and the one thing that I always have on my Christmas dinner-table are Christmas Crackers. I’ve been wanting to make these myself for years, but I never got around to it. This year, I finally made the time to do so and I love sharing this DIY (and free printable!) with you today. Easy? Yes! Festive? Absolutely! The prettiest Crackers one has ever seen? Oh, hell yes! Let’s get started!

You’ll need (for at least 4 crackers):
✩ empty toilet paper rolls
✩ the printable
✩ cracker snaps
✩ twine ro ribbon
✩ glue
✩ scissors
✩ hobby knife
✩ cutting mat
✩ wooden clothespins
✩ confetti (optional)
✩ small gifts or christmas-themed candy (optional)


Let’s get started!
Download the printable and print is. Print the pages with the templates and illustrations preferably on cardstock. You can choose to print the mottos on plain paper, but I chose to print them on a nice pink paper for extra festiveness.


We’re gonna start with the cracker ‘stuffing’. Using scissors or a hobby knife, cut out the mottos along the grey lines and set aside. Then cut out the separate illustrations along the grey dashed lines.



Next we’ll be sticking those cut out illustrations to the clothespins. This will make for a little gift that’s inside the cracker. You can use the clothespins to hang up your Christmas stockings or some Christmas greeting cards you’ve received.
Glue the illustrations to the clothespins and set aside to dry.




Now we’ll be making the crackers. Start by cutting out the templates. Cut away everything that is white, including the diamond shaped pieces at the sides of the template.



Lay your cut out template blank side up on the table. Put a toilet roll on top if it and put a cracker snap through the toilet roll.


Glue the ends of the cracker snap to the template. This a very important step, because it makes sure you will break the snap instead of pulling it through the cracker in one piece. It’s all in the bang peeps! When the cracker snap is a bit too long to fit the template, you can cut away the sides so they won’t be sticking out once the cracker is done.



Now you can start rolling your template along the toilet roll. Glue it in place and don’t forget to glue the sides as well, so every part of the cracker is nice and round. Set aside to dry. In the mean time, you can assemble the other crackers.




Next up: closing one side of the cracker. Fold the side of the template towards the middle so that the diamond shapes bend inward. Then tie a piece of ribbon or twine to close the cracker (be careful not to rip the paper by pulling the ribbon too tightly if you didn’t use cardstock for the printable). If you’re using confetti, you can use a piece of scrap paper to close up the little ‘hole’ in the side of the cracker that’s there because of the cracker snap. This will prevent confetti from falling out.






Then fill your cracker with the good stuff; a motto, a clothespin and some confetti and/or gift or candy.



Then close the other side of the cracker in the same way as you closed the first one. Don’t forget to add another piece of scrap paper when using confetti!



Ready? Set? Bang!




That’s it guys, the guide to making the awesomest Christmas Crackers yourself this year. You can add special small gifts to make the crackers extra personal.