Nieuw in: Crabby Pants embroidered patch

Everyone knows one of those people that are often grumpy. Maybe it’s their go-to mood, maybe they’re just ‘hangry’ (which is my specialty, to be honest), or they might not have had their morning coffee yet. Anyhow; cheerfulness is nowhere to be found around them. For those people in particular, I designed this ultimate pity party patch: Mr. Crabby pants!

This patch is secretly inspired by my husband, who can and will not take on the world cheerfully without his morning coffee. Inspiration sometimes comes from the weirdest places, right?!

This embroidered patch measures about 7.2 centimeters in height (about 2.8 inches) and about 6.3 centimeters in width (about 2.4 inches).
It has an iron-on coating on the back so you can either iron or sew it onto your garment (sewing guarantees permanent fixation).

Each patch comes nicely wrapped in foil with application instructions on the back.

What are you waiting for? Grab your Crabby Pants patch in my Etsy shop.