Inspiration Monday

In just a little over two weeks it’s Halloween and I could not be more excited. Everywhere around me, I see everything transition into fall mode. Not only nature is changing colour, so are shopping windows and my instagram feed. It’s wonderful to see how the whole world seems to be preparing for a different season. This Halloween is extra special to me, since I’ll be celebrating using products from HEMA (which have my illustrations on it). But first, there’s another couple of weeks of work ahead of us. And since I love my job, I really don’t mind that. I’ve got lots of good stuff planned for the blog this week: I’ll be sharing some more family portraits I illustrated recently and I’ll write a new guest post for Team Confetti. Oh and of course I’ve got your weekly dose of inspiration right here!

Enjoy your week everyone!

Sources: 1. Pumpkins (by Handmade Charlotte) | 2. Pine tree | 3. Balloons (by Matt Crump) | 4. Plants (by Ana Beltra) | 5. Beetles

I tried my best to find the original sources of the images I used, but for some of these images I was not able to track it down. If I was somehow mistaken or if you do know the original source of one of these images, please let me know so I can link back to the correct source. Thanks!