Inspiration Monday

And just like that, it’s October. At the end of the month, we’ll be kicking off the holiday season with Halloween and to be honest: I can’t wait. I’ve been sharing the occasional Christmas picture on instagram for a while now, but I’m very much looking forward to totally transform it into all glitter, ornaments and festiveness. Who’s with me? But not too quick, we’ll have to deal with October and November first.

What will you be up to this week?

Sources: 1. Neon sign (by Cait Milburn) | 2. Fireworks | 3. Leaves | 4. Apartment buidling (by Luigi Bonaventura) | 5. Fallt (by Offbeat & Inspired)

I tried my best to find the original sources of the images I used, but for some of these images I was not able to track it down. If I was somehow mistaken or if you do know the original source of one of these images, please let me know so I can link back to the correct source. Thanks!