Inspiration Monday

Thank God it’s monday, you guys! I must say that I’m glad that things have gone back to normal after the summer. Blogs I follow are publishing posts following their normal schedules, responses to e-mails are coming in more quickly and everyone is still happy to be starting work. I too am slowly getting back to my normal schedule. I even created another Inspiration Monday for today! I didn’t know how much I missed that until I was actually doing it again. There’s just something soothing about color coordinating things. Long story short: it’s good to be back! And I have a lot in store for you this week, as I’ll be sharing my new patches with you! Are you excited? You may have already caught a glimpse of them if you follow me on instagram.

What will you be up to this week? Let me know in the comments section!

Sources: 1. Wall (by Craig and Karl) | 2. Ice cream | 3. Balloon (by Oh Happy Day) | 4. Ice cream cones (by Just a Taste) | 5. Rollerskate (by Violet Tinder Studios)

I tried my best to find the original sources of the images I used, but for some of these images I was not able to track it down. If I was somehow mistaken or if you do know the original source of one of these images, please let me know so I can link back to the correct source. Thanks!