Inspiration Monday

Happy Monday everybody! It’s time for a brand new Inspiration Monday today. I admit I did miss creating these inspirational collages for you these past weeks. Doing so always gets me in my workflow. Whatever you’ll be up to this week, with this Inspiration Monday your week is bound to be off to a good start. Enjoy your week!

Sources: 1. Doors (by Oh Marie!) | 2. Sink | 3. Interior (by Baba Souk)| 4. Texture (by Alvaro Gomez) | 5. Cactus

I tried my best to find the original sources of the images I used, but for some of these images I was not able to track it down. If I was somehow mistaken or if you do know the original source of one of these images, please let me know so I can link back to the correct source. Thanks!