Content Creation for HEMA

It’s been well over a year now that besides illustrator, (graphic) designer and photographer I can also call myself a ‘content creator’. I’ve been making styled product photos and some animated GIF’s for the ‘HEMA’ (al large retail chain store here in The Netherlands) instagram feed for a while now and I thought it was high time to share some of my favourite images with you here.

It all started with a very simple animation of a paper plate somewhere in 2017. The rest is history, since I create content for HEMA on a very regular basis. Here’s just a selection of all the images I made of the past year or so.

I love finding original or unexpected ways to style a product. This can sometimes be very basic and a bit ‘out of the box’ on other occasions.

Which retail brand do you enjoy following on instagram? Let me know in the comments!