Family Stationery

I’ve been busy drawing several custom family portraits over these past months (more on that later). It’s so much fun to do! And to give these family portraits a whole new dimension, I decided to create Family Stationery. That way, you can not only order a custom illustration to put up on your wall, you can also send out the fanciest thank you cards and notes with these personalized A5 size note cards!



The text in the example shown in the pictures is pretty basic and only states the family name at the bottom, but I can add any kind of text you’d like. For example: post address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses. You name it!




You can choose between unbleached cardstock and 100% white cardstock with a watercolour-paper texture.


You can find more information about ordering and the illustration process in my Etsy shop.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section!