Something new

A lot has changed for me in this past year. We finally found a new home, I got engaged and I experienced a lot of personal growth. And it wasn’t until recently that I realised that this growth has become visible in my work too. The moment that marks that specific feeling of realisation is when I was scrolling through my instagram timeline. I noticed that the pastel/faded colours and the heavy ‘Nashville’ filter that have been ‘my instagram signature’ for so long had slowly evolved into more colourful, brighter photos with more contrast. And then it came to mind that that change had not only showed itself in how I present myself online, it had also happenedĀ in real life. Big time. My wardrobe has become much more colourful than it used to be and I decorated our house in a very different way than I did my previous home. And most of all: I realised I had never felt more like ‘myself’ than I do right now. Maybe I grew up. Although I really hope I didn’t, because I love to bring out the child in me.



With realising I had changed to much, the moment came where I felt I needed to present myself and my business to the outisde world accordingly. It felt like wearing a piece of clothing that simply didn’t fit anymore. So I decided to design a new leaflet and flyer for me and my business.



The most important change I made is that I put myself as a person more in the spotlight of my business-communication outings. I used to hide behind my brand ‘franje design’, my products and my logo. But now that I’m getting older (I can’t believe I really just said that), I realise that being a business owner (which in my case means designing products and maintaining a webshop, doing commissioned illustrations and graphic design work and posting on my blog an a regular basis) is actually something to be hella proud of. The person that makes it all possible, me, it worth being seen.






It still feels a little weird to be seeing myself allover my branding, but I must say that it also feels good in a way. I always love seeing the people behind brands and especially on social media, I love following brands that not only post updates about their products, but also about themselves, what they look like, what makes them tick and what inspires them. It keeps the online world all the more real if you ask me.




What was your most recent moment of growth and how did you cope with it an/or express it? Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear it!