Treasury Thursday

Treasury Thursday wk 45_FB
Now that winter is definitely upon us, it’s time to ‘embrace the grey’. Stop fighting what is coming and enjoy the cold. Maybe you need to change your mindset a little in order to do that, but with this almost all-grey treasury, I’m pretty sure you’ll manage to do that in a heartbeat. Enjoy this week’s handmade treasures!

Nu de winter er echt aan zit te komen wordt het tijd om ‘het grijs te omarmen’. Grijze luchten. Grijze dagen. Laten we ons niet meer verzetten tegen wat er komt en gewoon van de kou en de donkere dagen genieten. Misschien dat je even een switch moet maken in je hoofd, maar met deze bijna alleen-grijze treasury weet ik zeker dat dat je gaat lukken. Geniet van de handgemaakte schatten van deze week!

Thursday teasury wk 40

1. Pigeon pillow by intheseam.
2. Chalk pastel photo by bellesandghosts. Love these colours!
3. Cactus print by PollyRowan.
4. Sometimes you just want to be alone. Pin by lindsaybottos.
5. Little cat painting by prettylittlethieves.
6. Grey notebook for grey little notes. By SketchInc.
7. Milk painting (cookies, anyone?) by JoelPenkman.
8. Nothing beats lying in a hot bath all day with these bath bombs by NaturalBeautyLine.
9. Striped knot necklace by HOMAKO.
10. The city bangles by McKeanStudio are just amazing. Like these Melbourne ones for example.
11. Vintage suitcase set by thewhitepepper.
12. yvonneellen is one hell of a ceramics designer. Look at this flamingo plate set!
13. Vintage aluminum kitchen canisters by thelittlebiker.
14. White confetti by TheSparrowHandmade.
15. Silver paper bowl by upintheairsomewhere.
16. Shark brooch by WillowandQuail.