Inspiration Monday

Is it May already? What happened to the first four months of the year? This month will be a rather special one here on this blog, because it’s my birthday at the end of the month. My birthday is always a moment of reflection for me. And because a birthday is worth celebrating, this month will be all ‘party’ themed on this blog. I can’t say too much about it yet, but I promise you that it’ll be worth the read. So I’m kicking off this month-long party with a festive Inspiration Monday!

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Labour Day: ‘Employee of the Month’ for entrepreneurs (+ free printable!)

If you have read last week’s recap, you already know that there aren’t many moments in a day that I’m not busy with work. It is therefore my opinion that entrepreneurs are the hardest-working of all. They make so many hours for (sometimes) just a little money. And when are entrepreneurs honored? Right: Never. That’s why I though Labour Day is THE perfect time to pay some attention to entrepreneurs all over the world and honoring them with a free printable ‘Employee of the Month’ frame. Click through for more!

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New in: Gardening stickers

In last week’s ‘5 things I’m doing right now’ I already told you about it: I had some stickers made of one of my favourite illustrations that’s also featured on my weekly planner: the gardening koala! Click through for more info and images!

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Inspiration Monday

I’m wishing you one extra Happy Monday because today is a national holiday in The Netherlands, which means everyone here gets an extra day of weekend to enjoy! It’s the King’s birthday today (happy birthday Willem-Alexander!) which means there’ll be a lot of flea-markets throughout the country. Which is why I have a little vintage inspired Inspiration Monday for you to start the week off with. Enjoy!

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Recap: Confessions of a workaholic

I think it’s safe to say that I am a real workaholic. Not a moment in a day goes by that I’m not busy with or thinking about work. And don’t get me wrong: my job is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m a ‘happy workaholic’. But I realize that it can take unhealthy forms from time to time. Why? That’s what you’ll be reading in this recap today, because I’m about to tell you all of my ‘Confessions of a Workaholic’. Click through for more!

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5 things I’m doing right now

It’s been a while since I last shared what’s been going on behind the scenes but that does not mean that I’ve been sitting back and been relaxing. Quite the opposite, really. Today it’s time for a little update of what I’m currently working on in an all new ‘5 things I’m doing right now’! Click through for more!

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Inspiration Monday

Happy monday everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are all ready for the week ahead. I know I am! My weekend was far from uneventful, but that’s okay. I like being busy. One of the highlights of my weekend was Seinfestijn in Haarlem yesterday. I had SO much fun there! I’ve got a week full of exciting meetings and projects ahead of me so without further ado, let’s get it started with this sunny Inspiration Monday!

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New in: Weekly planner!

Ahw yeah, you guys! It is here! It took some time, but today I can finally tell you that last week, 35 pounds of weekplanners (and a mailman) were on my doorstep. And boy did they turn out beautifully (if I may say so myself). They debuted at Mercado de Belcrum last weekend and they were a great success! They hit the shop earlier this week and today I will show and tell more about it here. Click through for more!

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Verloofd stel gezocht!

Sorry guys, this post is available in Dutch only.

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Guest-post for Team Confetti #4: Veggie Mini Corn Dogs!

For those of you who have been following me and/or my blog for a while, this won’t come as a surprise: I’ve got a (not so) tiny obsession with the United States. Last year, my boo and I made a roadtrip all along the west coast of The States and I don’t care how cheesy this may sound, but I felt more at home right there and then, than I have ever done in my own good old Holland. I fell even more in love with the landscapes, the culture, the people and of course: the food. So here’s my own little version of a very American snack: a Veggie Mini Corn Dog. Oh and did I mention there will be a little surprise at the end of this post? No? You’d better read on then!

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